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Unexpected Consequences: Chapter 5

I heard a soft tapping on my bedroom door before it creaked open.

"Adelynn, time to wake up," my mom cooed, shaking my shoulder softy.

I mumbled some undistinguishable words, trying to say “five more minutes.”

"Honey, you have to get up soon, it’s already 8:30 and we have to meet grandma and grandpa at 9:30 for breakfast."

I grumbled again, lifting my head off the pillow to glare at my mother, who was trying to be as sweet as possible, knowing that waking me up on a Sunday morning to go out for our weekly family breakfast was no easy task.

I lifted the comforter and sheets off my extremely cold body and rolled out of bed. 

"I’ll be ready soon.  I’ll meet you downstairs."

I grabbed jeans, a red t-shirt, and a sweatshirt and ran into the bathroom.  I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and put my clothes on.  I brushed my hair and threw in a red and white polka dot headband.  I put some mascara and a touch of blush on and I was ready to go.  That was one main thing about me; I didn’t wear a lot of makeup because I hated the way it caked on when there was a lot of it.  That’s probably why I don’t like the way I look, because all the girls around me wear a ton of makeup and I don’t. 

I ran down the steps a little before 9:00.

"I’m ready to go," I called from the bottom of the steps into the kitchen, "oh, morning, Dad."

"Morning, sweetie."

"What time are we leaving to go to IHOP?"

"In like ten minutes.  Are you ready to go?"

"Yep, I just have to put on my sneakers and I’ll be ready."

I grabbed my black and white low top Supras that were near the front door and put them on; just then, my mom walked in the living room where I was putting my sneakers on.

"You ready?"

"Yep, I’m ready whenever you are."

"Then let’s go."

My mom, dad, and I got into our Honda Civic and headed to the restaurant to meet my grandparents for our weekly family breakfast.  After sitting there for over two hours, talking and eating, we all parted ways.  My parents and I headed home to drop off my dad because my mom insisted that I go and run her Sunday errands with her. 

After going to the supermarket, the pharmacy, three different shoe stores, a little boutique, and the bakery, we headed home - only seven short hours later. *sigh* We put away all of the food we bought and my mom told me that dinner would be ready shortly.  I went upstairs and put my new shoes and shirts away before my mom called me down for dinner.

"Addie, dinner’s ready."

"Coming!" I yelled back.

After eating our chicken dinner, I went upstairs and studied for my History test the next morning.  An hour of studying and it was time for me to go shower.  I put my pajamas on and was extremely tired, so I decided to check Tumblr quickly before I went to bed. 

Twenty new messages.  I sighed and went through them quickly.  The majority of them were ones that were asking me to check out their blog or saying they liked the latest chapter of the fan fiction I posted.  One message caught my eye:

                      ”Hey babe, what’s up? -Niall”

I got these messages all the time.  They were always girls pretending to be the boys, which made the majority of the fangirls happy, because, I mean, who wouldn’t want to think they’re talking to their favorite celebrity?  I usually played along, so this time was no different. 

"Hey Nialler, nothing much.  What’s up with you?"

This was the last message I answered before I closed the Tumblr tab and shut off my laptop.   I closed the laptop lid and turned down my bed, crawling into my nice, warm sheets before quickly falling into a deep sleep. 

Tomorrow would be an interesting day for sure. 

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Writing chapter 5 of Unexpected Consequences on my iPod right now, which answers like 10 questions I received before :)

Writing chapter 5 of Unexpected Consequences on my iPod right now, which answers like 10 questions I received before :)

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Unexpected Consequences: An Update!
Hey lovelies,  I just wanted to take a minute of your time to tell you that I’m hoping that chapter 5 will be up tomorrow night.  I’ll be in the car for 7 and 1/2 hours tomorrow, so PLEASE feel free to send me random messages that I can answer.  Also, here are all the links for the chapters so far, so read if you haven’t!  Feedback is greatly appreciated, so if you like what you read, let me know.  If you hate it, let me know! Either way, I want to hear your reactions.  Alrighty, it’s probably taken you more than a minute to read this post, so I’m done now.  I love you all :D xx 

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Unexpected Consequences: Chapters 1-4
Feedback is greatly appreciated!  Send me a message letting me know what you think so far.  If you like it, please reblog it :) xx

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Unexpected Consequences: Chapter 4


After thinking of ways to let Niall know that I was the person who made the edit, I finally decided on posting something on Tumblr, since my over 19,000 followers would see it and reblog it:

"Hey everyone!  As I’m sure the majority of you know, Niall saw the edit I did of him and he really liked it, *fangirling* but he doesn’t know who made it and is trying to figure out who it is. That’s why I need your help. If you have a Twitter account, please tweet Niall telling him that is the one who made the edit of him.  I just want him to know it was me who made the edit because I’m afraid someone else will take credit for it. Thank you soo much!  xx Adelynn :)”

I attached a picture of Niall, tagged the post, and posted it. I went on Twitter to find a bunch of people had already Tweeted Niall the link. I knew he got thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of tweets each day, but all he needed to see was one little tweet for me to get credit.  Let’s just hope that he saw a tweet or two…


After the lads and I finished our interview, I had time to kill while we were driven back to the hotel in the black Escalade. I went on Twitter to only be bombarded with tweets as per usual. The majority of the tweets were declaring their undying love for me - which I still found quite strange; others were begging for me to follow them; a handful were asking very weird questions; some were asking how I was doing; and then there were a bunch of fans tweeting me a link for a blog.

I had heard of Tumblr, but I didn’t understand it, which is why I didn’t have one. I examined the link, “Directionerrrr4life,” it couldn’t be bad then, especially if so many girls were tweeting the link to me; it was probably just something that they wanted me to see. I tried to open the link on my Blackberry, but it wouldn’t load the whole page, so I copied the link down on a note on my iPhone so I could check it out when I got back to my hotel room, mainly because (A) I was curious about why they tweeted it to me and (B) because I was stuck in my hotel room for the rest of the night, so I needed something to do.

An hour and a half later, we were back at our hotel.  There was a huge crowd lining the sidewalk, which freaked me out.

I took a deep breath to calm myself down and stepped out of the Escalade.

The screams erupted. I smiled and waved.

"Hey everyone!" I screamed over their yelling.

The lads and I took pictures and signed a few things before Paul and security told us that we had to go inside the hotel.

We went up to the twenty-second floor where our suites were, I took my room key out of the pocket of my dark wash jeans, put it in the key hole, and entered my extremely messy room.  There were boxes of Supras in my room and Snapbacks everywhere; I made a mental note to clean some of it up before Liam came in and told me it was too messy. 

I took off my jacket and sneakers; I grabbed a bottle of water out of the mini refrigerator, a bag of chips, and M&Ms and plopped down on the couch in the living room of the suite.  I propped my laptop on my lap and logged into Twitter, looking at the tweets again.  That’s when I remembered I had to check out that blog everyone was telling me about.  I pulled my iPhone out of my pocket and opened the note with the link in it.  I opened a new tab in Safari and typed in the web address  Immediately a brightly colored blog opened up.  I had to admit, it was quite eye catching and I saw it was nothing bad, so I continued to go through it. 

"This girl was really good at making edits," I said out loud to an empty hotel suite as I looked at the edits of the lads and me from previous concerts.  I noticed one edit in particular:  the one that was sent to me on Twitter thousands of times, so this was the legitimate girl who made it and not the thousands of other girls claiming it was them.

I scrolled through a bunch of pages of edits, fan fiction chapters, and messages.  This girl must be really well-liked because the messages were extremely nice.  I looked on the sidebar at the links About Me.  I tried to resist the temptation, but it urge was too strong.  I clicked on it, just to see what this girl looked like and to read more about her. 

I looked at her picture, “Wow.”  She was extremely pretty, her auburn hair and blue eyes were striking.  I read her short-but-sweet bio: "Hello lovelies, my name’s Adelynn but you can call me Addie if you’d like.  I’m eighteen, senior in high school, and live in rainy Florida, but I’d much rather be in Australia.  I love One Direction, they saved my life, cliché I know, but it’s true.  No, I do not have a favorite member, that’s just a terrible question.  Anyways, I make picture edits and write fan fictions.  Anything else you want to know, click here to go to my ask box and ask away!  xx”

"Wow." was all I could say. 


After I posted my little request, my laptop’s battery died.   It really did have the worst timing.  I pulled up the charger and plugged it in, leaving it for a while to charge.  I turned on Food Network again and I must have dozed off because when I looked at the clock, it said 2:30 in the morning.  I got up and checked my laptop to make sure it wasn’t overcharging, but before I shut it off, I checked Tumblr one more time.  A little ‘1’ popped up over my inbox.  That was actually very strange; I never only had one message.  I didn’t bother reading it, assuming it was someone telling me that they liked something that I did; I exited the tab, turned off my computer, put on my pajamas, brushed my teeth, and laid back down in bed. 

I didn’t know what the next day had in store for me…


**Author’s note:  I don’t know if is someone’s Tumblr or not, I just made it up for purposes of this story.  

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Chapter three of Unexpected Consequences is up! Here’s the link
Previous Chapters:
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:

Chapter three of Unexpected Consequences is up! Here’s the link

Previous Chapters:

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Unexpected Consequences: Chapter 3

I was overjoyed that my Niall beach edit was circulating on Twitter, but I had to keep myself grounded so I wouldn’t think too highly of myself, so I decided to clean my room before my parents got home. I looked around my room to see a pile of clothes on the floor that looked like it would soon grow legs and walk away; a garbage pail that looked like an overflowing volcano; and a bed with blue and black zebra striped sheets that hadn’t been made in days due to extreme laziness and a lack of time.  I knew my mom would appreciate it because she has been nagging me for weeks to clean my room and now I finally did. I looked at my iPhone to check the time and it read five o’clock. Four hours, two garbage bags, and a hamper full of dirty clothes later, I finally finished cleaning everything up.

Slightly upset that my Saturday was killed by cleaning, I took the remaining two hours that I had alone before my parents got home to talk to my Tumblr friends, relax, and answer a few of my many messages.

I turned on the flat screen television in the corner of my room, which had previously been covered with a shirt, and watched the Food Network, my absolute favorite channel, while sitting on my bed with my laptop.

I started to scroll through my Tumblr messages, but was confused quite quickly.

                                   ”Your last edit went viral!!”
                                       ”How does it feel?!!?”
                                  “Ohmygosh, you’re so lucky!”
                                  “I’m so jealous of youuuu :(“

I had no idea what was going on. Completely confused, I posted a quick text post asking people what was going on. Within five minutes, over a hundred people commented on the post, explaining what was going on.

It seemed like the general consensus was that Niall saw the edit that had apparently gone viral on Twitter and commented saying how cool it was and that he appreciated that the fans do that kind of stuff for them. Of course I had to go check his Twitter account. Sure enough, he did, in fact, say that.

I favorited the tweet and my heart was pounding a million miles a minute. I honestly thought I was going to have a heart attack from all the excitement that was bubbling inside of me.

I jumped off the bed and turned off the television, trying to focus on his tweet.  I, of course, screen shot it and posted it on Tumblr.  Then it hit me, he didn’t know who made the edit, he just saw it.  My excitement started to fade away as I thought about it more and more, but I was still extremely excited because, hell, One Direction’s Niall Horan said he liked the picture of him that I edited.  I left his Twitter timeline open in a separate tab so I could see if he tweeted anything while I was on Tumblr.

A few short minutes later, my parents came home, dinner in-hand, but of course I couldn’t say anything about it because they didn’t know about my blog.  I swear the happiness and excitement was oozing out of my pores while I ate dinner.

"Adelynn, what’s wrong with you?  You seem really happy for some reason," my mom stated, my happiness obvious.

"Yeah, I’m totally fine, just in a good mood today, that’s all.  I guess getting some sleep will to you," I lied.

"Maybe you should go to bed earlier every night instead of staying up on your computer."

Absolutely not, I thought.  “You’re right; I should start to do that.”

I choked down my dinner so I could get back upstairs and check Niall’s Twitter.  Once I finished helping my mother clean off the table and out the dishes and glasses into the dishwasher, I sprinted up the steps to my bedroom, two stairs at a time.

I quickly typed in my password to unlock my laptop and clicked on the tab with Niall’s Twitter open.

                                                         2 New Tweets

@NiallOfficial: Do any of you know who made that pic of me?  It was really good and I want to say thank you !”            Posted 7 minutes ago

""Niallerrrrloverrr12: @NiallOfficial who made the edit?  It’s really good!! Xx :D <3" I don’t know who did, it’s great though"          Posted 15 minutes ago

I almost fell on the floor.  “Holy shit! Ohmygosh.  I can’t.  Air?  What’s air?  I can’t breathe!!”  I completely fangirled; I mean, who wouldn’t?

My mom came running up the stairs.  “Addie, are you okay?” she asked, bursting through my closed bedroom door.  She always used my nickname when she was worried about me.

I took a deep breath because I knew if I didn’t, I was going to scream in her face about how happy I was, “Niall just tweeted me and I’m excited.  I didn’t mean to yell, sorry,” I rambled, nonchalantly.  It was a half-lie, he technically indirectly tweeted me.

She gave me a weird look, “Alright, as long as you’re okay…”

"Yep, I’m fine.  Sorry again for yelling." I apologized.

"No problem, I just wanted to make sure that you were okay."

She closed my door and I continued to freak out.

I had to find some way to let Niall know that I was the one who made the edit before someone else took credit for it because I knew they would; but how…?

Previous Chapters:

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Unexpected Consequences: Chapter 2

Chapter 1:

For the rest of last night, I answered my Tumblr messages in my blue and black polka dot room. I refused to go downstairs for dinner - even though it was pizza, my favorite - because I was still extremely annoyed that my mom wouldn’t let me go to the concert. It wasn’t like I was a baby anymore, I’m eighteen; she has to let go sooner or later.  Just out of curiosity, I looked up ticket prices. All things considered, the prices weren’t too bad, considering it was the last concert on the Up All Night Tour. I grabbed a One Direction spiral notebook off my cherry wood desk and wrote down some of the prices and where the seats were located. Then, I wrote down how many miles it was away, how many miles per gallon my car got, and how much gas was per gallon. After figuring it out, it too, wasn’t that much. Weighing my options, I decided I was going to this concert, whether my mom liked it or not. The most frustrating part was that my dad was completely fine with me going, saying, “I need to state my independence.” I grabbed my gift card that I got for Christmas last month from my grandma and ordered the closest ticket I could find, which just so happened to be twelfth row on the floor. How the ticket was so cheap, yet so close puzzled me, but whatever. I silently thanked my grandma for her wonderful gift-giving and printed my ticket.

I went on Tumblr again to post that I would, in fact, be going to the concert. It was already way after midnight, so I laid down and fell right to sleep.

This morning when I woke up, I forgot what day it was, until I realized it was Saturday, which meant could stay in bed as late as I wanted to because both my parents were at work until seven o’clock tonight.  Around ten in the morning, I got out of bed, went downstairs to have a bowl of Lucky Charms, orange juice, and an apple for breakfast. Once I was done, I put everything in the dishwasher and went back up to my room.

I grabbed my favorite dark wash skinny jeans, “free hugs” t-shirt, and blue Jack Willis sweatshirt and went into the bathroom to shower and get changed.  A half hour later, I reemerged, fully dressed and was somewhat ready to take on the day.

I checked Tumblr to see what was going on; not much, but it was still early.  I decided not to look at my new messages right away and was checking Twitter to see what was going on in the Twitterverse; again, not a thing.

While reading Niall’s tweets from when I was asleep, it dawned on me, how was I going to get to this concert without my mom knowing?   Thinking long and hard about it, I came up with the plan to say I was going to my friend, Abby’s house an hour away to sleep over.  Cliché I know, but it would work because I always went to visit Abby during the summer for weeks on end and my mom didn’t care.  She would never know the difference if I drove another two hours to the concert.

I knew I had to write a chapter of my One Direction fan fiction and edit three pictures: Niall, Zayn, and a group one.  I quickly finished editing the Zayn and group pictures, but the Niall picture of him at the beach took more time, after all, he was my favorite.  I loved all the boys, but I felt like I was most like Niall and could relate to him best, so I took my time with his edit.  Twenty minutes later, I was extremely happy with how it turned out - one of my best edits to date.  I quickly posted the three edits and fan fiction chapter and closed my laptop lid to go search for something to eat for lunch.  Of course we had nothing in the house - well we did, but only healthy stuff which I refused to eat - so I was forced to go to the nearest McDonald’s for a hamburger and fries; I decided that I would eat at the restaurant so I would be out of the house for a while.

Once I was done eating, I drove back home.  I quickly checked Tumblr to see what was going on before I cleaned my room, but I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw how many notes the Niall edit received:  16,789.  That’s more than ever before; usually the edits averaged one to two thousand notes, but never over sixteen thousand.  After recovering from the shock, I went on Twitter to see if the boys had tweeted anything, but they hadn’t.  I checked my timeline and noticed that it was filled with my Niall edit; I figured it was just fans sharing the picture with other fans so I didn’t bother to read the tweets.  Boy, was that a huge mistake… 

Feedback is greatly appreciated!!

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I&#8217;m really sorry everyone, but I&#8217;m exhausted so chapter 2 of Unexpected Consequences won&#8217;t be posted tonight, but it will most definitely be posted tomorrow :)
Chapter 1:

I’m really sorry everyone, but I’m exhausted so chapter 2 of Unexpected Consequences won’t be posted tonight, but it will most definitely be posted tomorrow :)

Chapter 1:

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I just counted the votes and you&#8217;ve all decided that this lovely boy right here is going to be the main character of the fanfic! :) 

I just counted the votes and you’ve all decided that this lovely boy right here is going to be the main character of the fanfic! :) 

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Just a reminder to keep sending in your messages with which 1D boy you think should be the main character in the fanfic I&#8217;m writing. xx

Just a reminder to keep sending in your messages with which 1D boy you think should be the main character in the fanfic I’m writing. xx

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Just posted the first chapter in the fanfic! Here&#8217;s the link &#8212;&gt; Feedback is appreciated! See? Niall approves :)

Just posted the first chapter in the fanfic! Here’s the link —> Feedback is appreciated! See? Niall approves :)

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Unexpected Consequences: Chapter 1

I slammed my dark red Range Rover door shut and sprinted to the front door of my house, digging through my red and black checkered messenger bag for my house key. Of course it was at the bottom of my bag, causing me to become drenched since it was raining like it had never rained before.  “Why do I have to live in Florida?”

I finally found my house key, shoved it in the keyhole, and threw open the door, trudging in.

"Mom, I’m home!" I yelled, throwing my messenger bag filled with my school books on the floor, and pulling off my brown, low heeled boots. 

"Adelynn, is that you?  I’m in the kitchen," she called back. 

I walked in the kitchen to be greeted by my overly cheerful mother, “Hi love, how was your day?” 

"It’s school, so it sucked. How was your day?" 

She completely ignored my question, “You only have six months of high school left, please try and make the best of it.” 

"Mhm," I groaned, grabbing a small bag of potato chips out of the cabinet. 

"I mean it. You have six months to do what you’ve wanted to do for the past three and a half years. I don’t understand why you resent school so much…"

"Mom, it’s school, why wouldn’t I resent it?  I have done things that I’ve wanted to do; just not go to a One Direction concert, but that’s another story.”

"You’re still going on about not getting tickets for that silly concert?" 

I made my way over to the refrigerator to get a bottle of water, “First of all, it isn’t a silly concert, and two, yes, yes, I am. I have no problem driving three hours away to go to the concert; you’re the one who said it’s too far and won’t let me go.  What you don’t realize is it’s their last concert of their Up All Night tour, so it’s gonna be a crazy concert!”

"It is too far - you’re still too young." 

"Are you serious right now?" 

"Yes, I am."

"I’ll be out of high school by then!  It’s January, the concert isn’t until June!"

"I understand that, I just don’t think it’s a good idea that you go."

I grabbed my bag of chips, bottle of water, and my messenger bag that was left by the door and started for the stairs. 

"Where are you going?"

"To my room; I have better things to do than to argue with you right now," I stomped my way up the steps to my room. 

Once I sat down on my bed, I sighed a sigh of relief that I had made it through another day. I pulled my auburn brown hair up into a messy bun, changed into an oversized t-shirt and sweatpants and opened my laptop lid, immediately clicking on the Tumblr tab. 

139 new messages. 26 new submissions. 145 new followers.  2869 notes on the last edited One Direction picture I posted. 

"Hmm, not bad considering I’ve been gone for only six hours," I said to myself, looking at what had been going on on Tumblr while I was in school. 

I started to go through the messages, most of them saying how they loved my blog, others commenting on how they liked the latest edit I did on a picture, another handful asking me to check out their blogs or click a link so they could win a contest, and a slight few saying they thought I was pretty, which I completely disagreed with. I looked at my reflection in my full-length mirror; observing all the details:  my auburn hair, my blue eyes, my pale skin, and my lean figure. I honestly didn’t like the way I looked, but there was nothing I could do to change it. I looked over at my wall covered in One Direction posters and thought, 'none of them would ever even give me the time of day, so why do I have a blog dedicated to them?' 

I quickly shook off the thought and continued scrolling through my messages, answering a few, while shoveling the chips into my mouth.  An hour later, I started my homework - and thankfully, didn’t have much, so I was able to finish quickly, heading back to my Tumblr family from around the world.

To say my blog was popular would be an understatement, not that I’m bragging or anything. Within the first week of making picture edits and writing a fan fiction, I had amassed over 1203 followers and I was extremely happy about this. I always had a creative side, and on Tumblr, I was able to let this side free. The only thing is, my parents have no idea about my pretty successful One Direction blog because they would accuse me of fangirling all the time, which is annoying, but good because it provides me with a complete escape from my normal life. 

Little did I know what would come out of this blog… 

Please let me know what you think and message me your comments! Like, reblog, tell people about it :)

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I’ve been throwing around the idea of doing a fanfic.  I kinda have an idea, but I want to know if you guys would read it if I wrote it. So let me know what ya think!!